Strengthen Vocabulary Skills by Learning Music Skills


The Rock ‘N’ Roll Classroom pic
The Rock ‘N’ Roll Classroom

Willy Wood, a prominent educational speaker based in Columbia, MO, advises educators on best practices for teaching children. Willy Wood’s book, The Rock ‘N’ Roll Classroom, discusses ways for teachers to use music in the classroom. By incorporating music into the curriculum, teachers will find a positive difference in their students’ mood and energy. Better, researchers have found learning music benefits students’ ability to grasp language. Learning music has been found to increase a child’s vocabulary skills.

Recent research shows that learning music skills that emphasize complex rhythms and tone changes has a direct effect on vocabulary skills. According to the journal Psychology of Music, children who studied music for three years while in school had significantly better test scores than the control group in the study. Students in the experimental group were enrolled in piano lessons for three years while the students in the control group did not receive any musical training. This study supports the idea that music is a necessary learning tool to help children perform better in school.